About Us

The lack of dialogue between different civilizations and nations has created vast problems in history and still present problems today. In a globalized World, this lack of mutual dialogue is much more evident and the problems have far greater impact. Due to this, we believe that improving and enhancing this dialogue is of utmost importance.

Wars and conflict take place around the World, civil war and unrest are tearing societies apart. We believe that conflicts that have arisen from the disparity of interests and lack of mutual understanding can be resolved through striving towards better mutual understanding and collaborated effort. In order to create and foster mutual understanding, common interests should be defined.

The main goal of the EESTÜRK trade, education and cultural Society, established in 2010, is to bring together the people of Estonia and Turkey, to foster cultural relations and friendships between the people of the two countries.

The Society does not differentiate people based on language, religion, race or culture, but sees all as equals. Our goal is to unite people around shared values.

EESTÜRK Society has currently very prominent co-operation partners in Turkey, including business, media and education sector representatives, who share a common goal to bring together people from both countries. This can be done through joint events that create a basis for building an Estonian-Turkish cultural bridge. The aim of the events is to deepen mutual understanding of the two cultures and support trade, academic and cultural co-operation.

The aim of the EESTÜRK Tallinn main office is fostering long-term Estonian-Turkish co-operation to the benefit of both countries.

Peakontor: Pirita tee 20, 10127 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel/Fax: +3726012070 - E-mail: estonya@eesturk.ee


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